Being a Different Fish

It’s hard to be different in an ocean where the other fish in your school look just like you do.

It’s hard to offer authentic and honest services and products when someone with higher marketing capabilities takes your ideas and makes them global trends.

It’s hard to make a difference when it is needed most.

I’m a different fish.  I always have been.  I don’t swim with my school, I swam to a different part of the ocean.  I swam to the top and offered myself up as bait.fish2

So here is what you will NOT get with Aliterati Publishing:

I absolutely refuse to sell any writer or business entity, any products/services that you don’t need.

I am not going to add you to mailing lists for quirky and upbeat newsletters.

  (I honestly don’t have the time to write them)

I am not going to share or sell your information with/to anyone else.

I am not going to write articles that teach you to write, edit, or publish your books.

I am not going to give you inferior products/services.

I am not going to try to upsell you.

So, if you’ve written a book and you’re not sure whether you should self-publish or be published…contact me today! I do both!

I am simply here. Waiting to do a job that I excel in.

New book design galleries coming soon!

The Art of Book Craft.

Book Design – Book Production – Book Publishing


5 a.m. Epiphany!


There are so many new and exciting things happening here at Aliterati Publishing that I don’t even know where to begin!




So for now, just know that I will be back to blogging for writers and authors, as well as posting updated and helpful Writing Resources.  There’s been a major overhaul on the Aliterati logo and website, so keep checking back as it is being updated regularly!

C.D.Grant | Publisher

Aliterati Publishing is Now Live!

Aliterati Publishing (and Latitude47: Visual Identity & Graphic Design Solutions) invite you to our new web home!

Changes include:

1. Fill out a Project Brief or set up a meeting with C.D.Grant to discuss your project needs or to get an estimate. Click on any “Begin Here” button to fill out the information necessary to give you accurate information.

2. We have implemented 4 Payment Options.  These are:

  • Option 1: Pay in Full
  • Option 2: FREE FINANCING through PayPal™ Credit (Must have good credit!)
  • Option 3: Ask about the Aliterati FlexPay Installment Plan for 6-12 months
  • Option 4: Choose the  value-packed Aliterati AuthorCore Membership Subscription (for writer’s who need a year or more to finish your manuscript, this option gives you time to invest in your project while you write!

3. Meet the Publisher & Chief Creative Officer at Aliterati Publishing | Latitude47 – Cara Grant (C.D.Grant)




So….Aliterati Publishing on WordPress

For a time, this will be our web presence while the Publisher, C.D.Grant, rips a new one on our current Web Host.

Sure, GDStudios can design and host WordPress websites, but we’ve only got so many hands, and not enough time as we are up to our gills in projects although we aren’t even online yet!

Besides, we craft books.

We will be posting weekly and monthly on a variety of topics, but since Carolanne likes to do all of her own blogs posts and articles while simultaneously writing novels, poetry, and creating artwork….well, you can see how adding another time-consuming activity to her already busy schedule will be like adding another pot of espresso to the morning fire! LOL  Hey, she loves to write, so we say let her have at it!

Aliterati Publishing….”It’s All About the Book!”